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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Boot Cuffs

Do you not wear socks with boots? I do. I think it feels weird to wear boots with no socks. I do go sockless in athletic shoes, provided I am not doing anything athletic. (Ha! Picture that!) And I do go without pantyhose--for my generation, that's a big thing--in dress shoes. But boots... that just seems weird.

So I was a little confused by this trend in Boot Cuffs. Like, why not just wear cool knee socks? But I am informed by several people that it is fine not to wear socks in boots. Or to wear those no-show socks that only come up to your ankle.
(These are Steve Maddens.)

M has indicated she would like some. I will probably try my hand at them soon. It seems to me like it is the best part of the sock to knit, without the heinous heel labor. So, yeah, I'm in.

They seem like they'd be fairly quick to knit, too. And I am all for quick knitting right now. I've got to get some FOs done before going back to the afghans!

What's your favorite Boot Cuff pattern? I think I've talked myself into it.


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