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Friday, February 15, 2013


What? Meteors hitting the earth? Good God. That sounds like something off of SyFy's Saturday line up, doesn't it? But, it does really wake you up to the fact that, hey. Shit's real out there in space.

Not making light of this at all. I'm glad the destruction wasn't worse. (Like dinosaur worse. Or even Tunguska worse.)

And I'm glad scientists saw this coming and were able to map out a trajectory and timeline and warn people so they could at least evacuate the area. Oh wait. That part didn't happen.

Jeez, it it 2013 already and we have nothing in place to watch for these things? We're whizzing around through the galaxy at 486,000 miles per hour. And other things are whipping around and through our galaxy, too.

It's really a wonder we aren't hit more often than we are. I try not to think about that. Good luck to everyone affected by this meteor.


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