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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Yarn Bowl

Take a look at this bowl.

If you are looking for something to do with all your yarn snips, this is it. She’s taken a bunch of yarn snips and some paste and made a colorful bowl suitable for display in your yarn room. What? You don’t have a whole room devoted to yarn?

Me neither. But someday

I do have a bunch of yarn scraps. As you know, I save the longish ones for my magic ball or my psychedelic mitered afghan (that I’ve been adding squares to for years). But lately, I’ve been saving my small snips, too. You know, the ones that are left when you’ve weaved in the ends on a project? The ones that are six inches or less?

I’ve been saving mine since the beginning of the year in this jalapeno jar. (I have been jokingly calling it my Jalapeno Scarf.) But now, I think I have my project. I’m going to make one of these bowls.

But first, I suppose, I have to knit some more.


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