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Monday, February 04, 2013

Game Day

Super Bowl Sunday. You know I love it. I don’t have a stake in either team, but I love the commercials and the party atmosphere. And I love the food. At the Patwoman house, we make about a billion different kinds of hors oeuvres for our Super Bowl festivities.

This year, we didn’t even really watch the game. Yeah, I guess we watched, off and on, while we prepared food. We watched the halftime show. And then we played board games until about 1:00 am.

Now, of course you all know I love games. But I am not the best at waiting my turn. So while we played Settlers of Catan, I played with my game pieces.

Mini Stonehenge...

My name...

Then I regressed to about 12 years old...

After Settlers, we played Legendary, Marvel’s deck building game. I love that game. If you have the opportunity to play it, do. I would still be playing if they hadn't made me stop.


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