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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'Nother FO!

I had another skein of the Cozy Wool left over after knitting the cowl, so I decided to make a matching headband. M doesn't wear hats, but she has really liked the look of the headbands we've seen at craft shows and online.

So this, my friends, is the Not A Hat Headband Earwarmer. It's the Morning Walk Headband Earwarmer by Tif Matthews. I only used about half of the second skein of Cozy Wool, since I didn't do the crochet flower. It took about an hour to do, but I suspect it can be done quicker if you're not watching TV while you knit.

This is another pattern I have to recommend for a knit gift. It's fast, doesn't take a whole lot of yarn, very practical, very stylish, can be personalized, looks great. I think I want to make some of these for this Christmas.

Here's M, modelling both the Stone Cozy Wool Cowl and the Not A Hat Headband Earwarmer.

I think she looks good in a cowl. But, you know, this is not the only cowl she's ever worn.


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