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Monday, July 08, 2013

She’s Such A Fox!

People probably don’t say that any more, do they? Hmph. That was the ultimate compliment when I was a Patgirl—You’re a fox—exceeded only by the rarer Stone Cold Fox.

Not that I ever heard either of those phrases used to describe me as a teenager. Listen, I was flat-chested, poor, and smart. How many guys do you think were interested in me? I have no idea what it was that attracted T—a handsome, funny, smart, popular, jock—to me all those years ago, but I was really suspicious of it in the beginning. Now, of course, I know it’s because he was so much more substantial than other guys.

That was a win for both of us.

Oh, but back to the phrase—she’s a fox. I kind of like that phrase. It implies someone sleek, clever, a little bit wild, a little bit exotic—definitely not your ordinary suburban fauna. Think about it. If you were standing in your front yard and a stray dog ran across your lawn, you’d be like “Sigh. Dog.”

But, if you were standing in that same front yard and a fox ran across the grass, you’d be all “What was that? Was that a fox?” You’d feel a little excited, maybe a little nervous, and kind of thrilled to have seen one so up close and personal.

She’s a fox. That’s such a descriptive turn of phrase. What is it that people say now? She’s hot? Screw that. My oven’s hot. It’s hot outside. Lots of things are hot. She’s bangin’, kickin’, tasty… Those are just crude. I like fox.

Anyway, that’s all neither here nor there. I was just thinking about the phrase as I knitted this fox scarf for my niece. It’s the Fox Scarf by Satu Dolk and Ossi Laine. And I will warn you, the pattern is in Finnish. I don’t speak Finnish, of course, but my good friend, Professor Google, does. Still, the translation is not infallible and there was more than a little educated guessing going on.

But don’t think this was in any way difficult. It’s pretty basic knitting—all garter stitch, with some increases and decreases. You don’t even have to be fancy with increasing and decreasing. It’s all garter stitch, so none of the slants really show. Just K2tog and M1. All the color changes are at the end of a row, so no problems there, either.

I used Vanna’s Choice in White (maybe a quarter of a skein, there’s plenty left over) and Tangerine Mist (half a skein), plus a little bit of some random unlabeled black for the nose embroidery. It’s a scarf for a 4-year-old, so it’s not long. It took me maybe two hours to knit, all total. Of course, I haven’t had two knitting hours in one chunk in a long time, so this was spread out over a couple of days.

This is a cute little pattern. The head is a loop that the tail passes through. So it keeps the scarf close around the neck and it looks like the fox is biting its own tail to stay on. Ha! Like the Flintstones!

Into the Christmas box with it!


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