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Monday, August 05, 2013

FO: Back Scrubber

Here's is another garter stitch/Breaking Bad project. It's a Cotton Back Scrubber.
This is made from Lily Sugar'n Cream in Indigo. I knit it on #5 needles. In the dark. Hey, it's okay. It's basically a wash cloth with a huge buttonhole on either end.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking WTF Patwoman? A cotton wash cloth? You don't knit wash cloths and you damn sure don't knit with cotton.

And, you know, you'd be right most of the time. But this is a back scrubber for T. He will really enjoy and appreciate it. (Because he's always saying, "Come on, baby. Just take off your clothes and get in the shower with me. I'll let you wash my back.") The garter stitch is perfect for a cloth like this.

Look how pretty my garter stitch is.

This is a quick, dirt-easy knit that only took two episodes of Breaking Bad to finish. It's a good gift for a guy, too. I mean, I could give M a million scarves. She would understand that certain scarves go with certain coats, certain occasions, etc. Most guys think one scarf is enough. (I know. I don't understand it either.) This back scrubber gives me another knitted option.

This particular one is going to be a Christmas gift for T. But I think I will get some more cotton and make one for R, too.

And yes, I know I need to weave in those ends. I jumped the gun with taking pictures.


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