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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Work Ethic

It's been a while since I've bitched about people's work ethic. I guess since I stopped being an employment recruiter. But, I'm going to do it now.

What is wrong with people these days?

For example, I've noticed this about several representatives of several businesses from all over the country on several occasions (I'm saying all this so you know it's not just one person or one business or one area), but people have such poor communication skills.

I'm not talking about sending a badly worded email. Although that happens often enough. I'm not talking about spelling or grammar errors. I'm talking about the act of communication. For example, you provide me with a service and I ask you a question about a problem I'm having with that service. What do you do?

A) Answer me with the information you have. And if you don't have the information tell me you don't know and then find out.

B) Don't answer me at all.

Too often, B happens. B is the wrong answer, folks. Likewise, if you're a service provider of mine and I ask about a problem that I'm waiting on you to fix, do you:

A) Ignore the problem.

B) Fix it, but don't tell me it's fixed so I'm just waiting forever until I check to see if it's fixed and think How the hell long has this been working?!

C) Fix it and let me know it's working fine now.

I can tell you C has never happened with any service provider I've ever worked with. Even the ones for whom I represent a sizable chunk of their business.

And what's with the phone etiquette? Everybody always says "How are you?" before they even tell you who's calling. But nobody says "goodbye" any more. They finish talking or find out what they want to know and hang up.

I hate to sound like an old person here, but seriously. Manners, people.


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