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Thursday, August 01, 2013

It's August!

And August means Gencon. And you know how I love Gencon.

I will be working at Gencon this year. Of course, I always work--playtesting games, meeting with vendors, etc. But this time I will be at a booth. I'll be at booth 942. We are Bushiroad's Official Gencon Retailer and we've partnered with them for a booth.

So if you go to Gencon, make sure to stop by and see your friend Patwoman.

I'm excited. I've been going to Gencon for many, many years now and it's always so exciting to go. I literally look forward to this all year. I'm not sure how many activities I will get to do, beyond testing/buying products and meetings, but there are a couple I'm looking forward to.

I'll most likely be stopping to the craft area for a bit in the late evenings, too. So maybe I'll see you there.


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