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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I Saw A Coyote

...in my neighborhood!

We were coming home from work late last night and we saw something running along the street. T hit the brights on the headlights and we saw it running. (A coyote doesn't run like a dog, btw. It has a much different gait. I can't describe it, but you know when you see it that it's no kind of dog.) I'm guessing it was running along the creek that runs through our neighborhood.

It's strange to see one here because this is really a suburban neighborhood. But I guess there is some open woods not far from here. You just don't think about a wild animal like a coyote being in such a populated area.

Although, now that I'm thinking about it, T and R saw one just a few months ago. And one ran through the yard this winter. I might have posted about that, too.

I was worried about Gengen going outside (which she needed to, because we were gone all day) and made T go stand beside her so no coyote could get her. I worried also about Odysseus and all of the many strays that are now coming to my house to be fed. (I have seen everyone since then, btw, so they are all fine.)

I told M about it and she said I should have reported it to Animal Control. I totally didn't even think about it. But I think I will call them tomorrow and just give them a heads up. Maybe they can watch the area.


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