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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Okay. I did start another project. But in my defense, I couldn't really not start a new one. I can't knit for T or R while they are here, and they were both here. And I have finishing work to do on M's hat, and that requires light. (T, R, and I were watching Rome on DVD while I knitted.) And I don't have the required beads to finish knitting Bre's stocking. So you see, I had to start a new project.

Plus, I bought this new yarn a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to use it. What? I told you. I couldn't knit any of the other projects I'd started. I had to use this yarn.

Anyway, it's Red Heart Boutique Changes in Onyx. Its claim to glory is that it's "Six yarns in one." And that's what attracted me to it in the first place. It's got all this texture from the changing yarns. It's fuzzy, smooth, thick, thin, shiny, and sparkly, all in one.

This pic is from the Red Heart website. It's a different color than I'm using, but this gives you an idea of all the different textures this yarn has. It's very pretty.

I had every intention of doing the scarf on the label, Changing Textures Scarf, and I even started to do it twice. But the pattern calls for a "purl 5 together" and I just couldn't make that happen with this yarn. It was just such a mess.

So I frogged it out and decided a simpler stitch might show off the yarn just as well. So I cast on for a basic bias lace scarf. It's basically two rows. It's a nice, easy knit with a classic look. And it goes pretty fast. This is one episode of Rome.


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