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Friday, March 07, 2014

Random Knitting

I had some of this Patons Decor Tapestry Variegated yarn left over from the hat and the slippers I made in December. I thought at first, I might make a scarf or something. Maybe some more slippers, since I killed mine with a carpet tack. (Yeah, damn it. Scuffed my foot on one of those tacks on the edge of this crappy worn out carpet and just ripped a giant runner in the bottom of my right slipper. Grrr!)

Anyway, I have two partial skeins left over, so who knows how much is actually there? I need to make something that doesn't require accuracy.

So, I cast on an afghan square. This is Garter Stitch (I have been on a Garter Stitch roll lately.) but I've done it on the bias. I started with one stitch and increased until I got to 45 stitches. Then, I decreased back to one again. Still, there is an elegance to this simple square. (It is square, btw. This picture is kind of crappy since I was holding the blocking board in one hand and the camera in the other.)

I will make more such squares--and probably one more in this particular yarn, since I seem to have about that much left--but I'm not going too crazy with it. I will just make them as I have time/yarn/inclination.


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