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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not Knitting: Fused Glass Pendant

As I got dressed this morning, and I put on my jewelry, I realized I hadn't shown you my latest fused glass pendant. So I'm going to take the opportunity now.

At Gencon this summer, just like all Gencons, I took a craft class with M and Bre. You guessed it. It was a class on fused glass pendants. Ha! You're so clever!

Anyway, you remember we did this same class once before (the glass frit tree pendant) and my tree was definitely Spring-like. So this time I wanted to do something Autumny. Of course, once I got there, it was really a rough choice. There were so many pretty color combinations. And not just the colors of the leaves. We had to choose between a cream, clear, or blue background.

M chose a clear glass background with purple and blue leaves. Of course, she's never been one to stick to the recipe, so she also mixed in some green leaves. And she took some red and orange shards to make the flowers on the ground.

Bre's pendant is a tropical mix of blue, green, yellow, white, and orange leaves of many shades on a blue background. She made her tree rounded, with upswept branches, like a poplar tree. I think it gives the tree a sort of peacock effect.

But I had gone in there with the idea of doing a fall-themed pendant, so in the end, I decided to stick with the plan. I used the cream background. My leaves are oranges and browns. As you can see, my tree is a bit craggy, too. And I skimped on the leaves above, instead putting them on the ground below.

So then we had to wait a few days to get them in the mail, after they'd been fired. I don't have a picture of Bre's, but M always has hers shipped to my house so I get to see it first. It came out great. Look at the red and orange flowers at the bottom. They look like tulips!

And here is mine. I had expected that copper wire to turn black when it was fired, but it didn't. It came out the most awesome red-brown color you've ever seen.

I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear my fused glass pendants. (Any of them.) People are always amazed when I tell them I made it. But these are seriously so easy and fun to do (of course, I'm not doing the actual kiln work myself) that I'm pretty luck these ladies don't have a shop here. I'd have a new hobby, for sure!


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