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Monday, October 13, 2014

Which 90's TV Girl Am I?

Well, I'd like to be Cheetara, or at least Xena, but this test says otherwise.


Sassy yet intuitive with extremely thick skin - you are most like Buffy the Vampire Slayer! In the beginning, Buffy was a shallow, unforgiving young woman who had no idea she'd become the saving grace of mortal kind. Like Buffy, you've experienced your fair share of troubles (and then some) and have remained strong to come out on top. Your life so far shows an incredible arc of learning, growth, and perseverance above all else - And if you've been killing vampires as well this whole time, then kudos to you.

I also found out how I died in a past life.

Died on the Titanic

Nothing prepared you to the tragedy that happened on board the Titanic. You bought a ticket in order to visit your family in New York, thinking you'd enjoy a nice cruise in a magnificent ship. But suddenly, the ship hit a giant iceberg, and went down under. During those critical hours, you've helped a lot of people paying a high personal price. To them (and to us), you have a hero's soul!

In reality, I probably realized I was floating in the ocean (the ocean! With God-knows-what swimming around, unseen!) and just gave up before I got eaten by some sea creature.


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