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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Blue Sweater

R and Bre took a trip this past weekend up to the Great Lakes area. I was kind of surprised, but he took the sweater I knit for him forever ago. (Seriously. I knit this sweater years ago and he never wore it. Said it was too fancy. It was freakin' rice stitch. That's not fancy. Not really. Anyway.) I guess there was some discussion about how it might be cold right there on Lake Michigan in November and how he might ought to pack a sweater.

Anyway, glad to see this sweater getting some play.

I spent about 20 min tonight looking for the original picture of this sweater. But apparently, I never posted it on Ravelry. Pretty sure I posted a picture here, but couldn't seem to find it. I was going to repost it next to the picture of him wearing it present day and be all like "Aha! See? I can knit sweaters!"

But, then I realized I didn't take a picture of him wearing it present day, either.


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