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Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Snow of the Season

And of course, I didn't take any pictures. I'm not sentimental that way. In fact, I looked at the snow with a sense of dread--of all the stupidity that will likely happen on the roads.

Seriously people. It's Indiana. It snows every year. The rules are the same every year:

Rule #1: Don't drive 60 mph on city streets. Yes, you have an SUV. But no. That doesn't mean you can drive faster than you would drive on a clear road.

Rule #2: Don't drive 5 mph. Yes, it snowed. But it's Central Indiana, not the North Pole. It only snowed an inch an a half. And it melted off the streets even before they put down the icemelt. There's no need to be a hazard to other drivers.

Rule #3: Don't rush out and buy a bunch of milk and bread. Again, it's Central Indiana. We get snow every year. An inch and a half of snow will not cause the city to shut down.

I'm kind of sorry I didn't get any pictures now. It actually does look nice, all white on the grass and the trees. I like the white a lot better than the grey of most of the winter season. But you know, I'm really more of a hot house flower, myself.


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