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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Monkeying Around

Look at this. It's a teeny tiny sock monkey.

It's the Sock Monkey Miniature for Blythe by Monica Bovee.

This pattern calls for light fingering weight and #0 needles. (I know! 0! Is that even a needle size? I don't think so!) But, of course, it's designed to make a tiny sock monkey, suitable for a small doll. I wanted a tiny sock monkey suitable for a Christmas tree ornament, so I made it with worsted weight yarn and #4 needles.

It's mainly I-cord, so it's super fast to knit. It's not even stuffed. I think the big thing is attaching the arms and tail. And that's really no biggie. In retrospect, I think I could've made his mouth a little larger. But then again, nobody likes a big-mouth monkey. (Oh, and ooh. His legs look really bad in that picture. Maybe I should take a different picture? They don't look that bad, I swear.)

I think these would be great for keychains, gift toppers, whatever. But this one is a Christmas ornament.


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