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Monday, November 17, 2014

In The Presence of Pure Evil

So last night, T and I went to the Fieldhouse to see the Colts Vs. Patriots game. (That was our birthday presents from M, remember?) Very interesting.

I hadn't been in the Fieldhouse for a game yet. I had toured it and I'd been there once before when something else was going on. But I had not actually been up in the stands before last night. Let me say that was an experience. First, while I think the floating escalators make a very striking architectural statement, they are terrifying for someone like me. I just kept looking straight ahead while my heart was pounding hard enough I'm pretty sure the people in front of me could feel it.

The stands are steep, too. I'm not a fan of the fieldhouse stadium. I like a more traditional stadium. I liked the Dome, for Pete's sake. Fieldhouse stadiums tend to be very steep. I just don't like the feeling of sitting on the wall--the feeling that, if you jumped up to cheer too suddenly, you might go toppling over the edge.

But, eventually, I calmed down and enjoyed the game. (I would have enjoyed it more if the Colts had won, or if Brady had at least gotten sacked a few times, but whatever.)

It had been a long time since I'd been in the presence of the evil that is the Patriots. I consoled myself with the knowledge that they were on the opposite side of the stadium.


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