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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Not Knitting: Bead Craft

This is another gift I made for M's birthday.

We always see these slumped bottle cheese platters at craft shows and M has always liked them. The problem is, both of us kind of balk at the $45+ price tag we always see on them. I don't know. I think $45 for a melted bottle with some raffia tied around the neck is a little steep. So, when I found a naked slumped bottle at Goodwill, I knew this was my chance.

Here's the bottle. I like that it's clear. I think that just lends itself to more options.

I'm not a fan of raffia in the first place, but also, I just like the look of beads, wire, and glass. So I got some jewelry wire and some beads and just started wrapping. I really just put these on however I felt would look good. And I just wrapped. I twisted the wire in back and added a dab of E6000 under a couple of the big beads, just to keep things on.

These beads are amber, clear, black, gold, and rust. This will fit M's colors perfectly.

I also wrapped the cheese knife. I used the same beads and same technique, adding a dab of E6000 under the big bead and the 3 bottom beads to keep everything in place.

This turned out better even than I expected. M loved it and I will definitely be on the lookout for another bottle so I can make one for myself!


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