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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ring Bearer Progress

Making some real headway on the Ring Bearer Pillow for R and Bre's wedding. I've completed the knitting and blocking, and I purchased this satin ringbearer pillow.

No sense reinventing the wheel, eh? Besides, Michael's had it on clearance. I don't know. Maybe it was last season's style ring pillow? Anyway. It looks good this way. It just looks like everybody else's ringbearer pillow. And I want R and Bre to have a special pillow for their rings to be born upon.

Sorry. Got a little crazy with that sentence. I just think ringbearer is kind of a funny job. Like, the whole job is carrying the rings. Ha!

Plus, I'm not a huge fan of this mesh. So I took it off first.

I think it looks good this way, too. But I want it to be super special. Plus, you know, I knitted the lace top and all.

Now, silly me. I didn't take any pictures of it once I pinned the lace to the top of the pillow. Yes, that's right. I pinned it in place so that I would sew it on correctly and only have to sew it on once. Your old friend Patwoman isn't just sexy. The brain is a 10, too.

Sorry. I just hurt myself laughing. Not as much as I hurt myself pinning this thing down, though. Geez, how hard could it be to not stick my fingers every time?

A little blood on the satin is ok, right?


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