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Thursday, March 05, 2015

FO: Birthday Lantern

This quick little knit is super cute. It's called Summer Lantern, but as you can see by my back yard, it's never going to be summer again.

Still, it's very pretty and a very easy knit--once you correct the pattern. There are a few typos in the pattern, but also two places that there are missing stitches.

Yeah, imagine me, going "What? That math doesn't work."

But it's pretty easy to figure out, if you look at the picture. I added my corrections into the project notes on my Ravelry page. Then I noticed some other people had added the same corrections. Still, the mistakes are minor and it knits up quickly.

I put this around a jar candle and tied it up with this delicate ribbon. Then, because it looked cool, I added the skeleton key.

This is a birthday present for Bre. We'll be celebrating Sunday and I can't wait to give this to her.


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