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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Winter Will Never End

It's warmer today. Warm enough to rain instead of snow. (Although the weatherman says it's going to change to freezing rain tonight and snow tomorrow.) That is not to say it's warm. It's about 40 degrees. That's still winter.

And the sky is still grey. The rain is killing some of the snow so the brown lawn is showing along the sidewalk now, like receding gums along the cement. This weather is killing me. If only there were some green or some blue, I could maybe hold on. But this dull, dirty, blandness of winter... It just feels like despair.

And snow again tomorrow. It's March, damn it. We should be done with snow. We should see some grass starting to shoot. We should see some animals coming out of their winter homes. We should see some damn sun, for crap's sake!

Why do I live in the midwest?


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