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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Time Has Come, The Walrus Said...

...to start a special thing
A lacy, wacy tablecloth
For when they've exchanged their rings.

That's right. I'm a flippin' poet and you didn't know it. Or, I'm... What do you call it when you take someone else's poem and pervert it with your own words? A literary vandal. Yes. That's what I am. I am the walrus. Coo-coo-ca-choo.

Oh man. That was a tangent before I even got started. I've got to stop eating paint chips.

The time has come, seriously, to cast on for this lovely tablecloth for R and Bre's wedding present. It's a vintage pattern and I think it's especially pretty. I know they will love this. (If I haven't fiddled around too much to finish it on time.)

The last lace tablecloth I made took me about 6 months to do.

Of course, I had only been knitting less than a year at that point. I'm much faster now. Still, the first quarter of the year is so filled with birthdays and other events and holidays, that I have not really had a chance to cast on for this until now. That's another beautiful thing about this particular pattern... There are 5 different sizes.

So, if I run out of time to finish the full 5' diameter tablecloth, I can make a smaller one. Or a large doily. Or a medium doily. Or a coaster.

Crazy like a fox? Like a walrus, maybe. Coo-coo-ca-choo.


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