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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Zombiepocalypse Is One Step Closer

I read this article today and immediately thought "My God! They've actually gone and done it! Damn you all to hell!"

Forgive my horrible paraphrase of Planet of the Apes.

But seriously, my first thought was, WHY? Why create re-animated dead cells? What purpose would that serve? Like, if someone had gangrene in their leg, maybe we could just re-animate their leg? Or if someone were killed in a car accident we could re-animate their whole body?

Seems pretty gruesome to me.

Then I read the entire article (which does not really give a whole lot of detail about the practical application of such cells--either because the author didn't understand it or because he didn't feel the reader would understand it) and I was a little disappointed.

The cells are actually a form of nanotechnology--non-living cells that can be programmed to perform specific tasks. It seems to me what we are talking about is not really a zombie cell. Sure, it's not a living cell. But a toaster's not living either. And it's not a zombie.

I think a better description would be robot. Nanobot. Something like that. A tiny robot that can outperform human cells. A robot that is programmed to repair, replicate, and sustain itself. A robot that is very hard to destroy. Yeah. That's probably a good idea.


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