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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breaking Bad Cowl

I've been watching Breaking Bad on DVD. Like, every night. I'm hooked. (Ha! Pun!) I can't believe I haven't been watching this show all along!

And I'm into it, man. I watch it intently. That's why, if I knit, I have to knit something I don't have to think about. Something like this cowl. I call it my Breaking Bad Cowl. That's not because it was inspired by anything in Breaking Bad (talk about a non-inspirational show!) or that anyone in the show has ever worn anything like it (it is New Mexico, after all). But it's my Breaking Bad Cowl because it's the cowl I knit while I watched Breaking Bad.

I used some yarn that I had frogged from an old project a while back. This is, I believe, some Moda Dea Dream. It's a really soft, light yarn, which I prefer for a cowl that goes over the head.

I knit this extra long, so it would drape down over my shoulders. I have a couple of cowls that I think would be so much better if they were two inches longer so there are no gaps between coat and cowl.

It kind of pools around the neck if you don't pull it up over your head.

Straight stockinette stitch doesn't get boring at all if your mind is occupied elsewhere. But, now that I've finished this, I've got to find another project. Because....


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