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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Ultimate Insult

M sent me this Ultimate Insult Generator. She got it from Pinterest, I think, but it originally came from Mandatory.com. She knew this would appeal to me because of how much I enjoy swearing creatively.

Basically, take one word from each column. Lazy Butt Hound. Insecure Turd Waffle. Pompous Crotch Biscuit. I could go on and on. It's so much fun.

And so much more colorful than the way most people swear these days. Bitch? Whore? Dick? (Come on. That's how your grandma swears.)

And lately, when I've fallen into the lazy habit of swearing like this: You backward, provincial dirt eater. You monkey-sucking mouth breather. Yeah. It's sad, isn't it. And not up to my usual standards. It's like I'm just phoning it in.

But now, with this generator... You dicknose taint blossom. You drug-loving douche canoe.

Yeah. I can work with this.


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