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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Button Organization

My mom, having grown up during The Depression, used to have this fantastic button stash. I was an old Christmas fruitcake tin (remember those?) and it was filled with buttons she had cut from shirts and dresses that had been thrown out (or recycled into rags). As a kid, one of the greatest things ever, was when Mom let us play in the buttons. Better, when we made sock puppets and got to use some of those buttons for eyes!

Anyway, I grew up in the 60's--a time when we were pretty certain we wouldn't need buttons in the future, because our sleek, silver, self-repairing, self-cleaning, Space-Age jumpsuits would not need buttons. So I never started a button stash of my own.

It was never an issue, really. There have only been a few times when I've needed a random button and didn't have one. But, I found myself there--up button alley without a, uh, button--when it came time to sew the eyes on the Fox Scarf.

Seriously. I had no buttons. Just that one white round button that came off the neck of that blue silk blouse with the flutter sleeves that drive me crazy. Actually, the whole top is wrong. Seriously. I don't know why I even bought it in the first place. First off, the flutter sleeves are ridiculous. They have a slit at the shoulder, so they basically flop all the flutter right in your armpit. And that button--at the back of the neck. Seriously? Who puts a button right where it can sit on your spine bone and alert you every time you move? And don't get me started on the pull-on style. Silk has no give, people. That means, however big your boobs are, that's how wide your blouse is going to be. It's like a big blue silk tent with stupid flutter sleeves. And a button on the back of the neck.

Where was I? Oh yes, buttons. I had no buttons for the eyes of the Fox Scarf. So I had to go to Michael's and pick some up. (And some yarn. If I went to Michael's and didn't buy yarn, they'd think I was some sort of doppelganger and all attack me.) I was going to just by a card with a couple of buttons on it for $2.99... until I saw this.

This bag, this pound of buttons, was only $4.99. I said to myself, Hey, I ought to be able to find two matching buttons in this bag, right? And then I'll have all those left over buttons.

Yes, that's right. I made a button stash.

My mom would be proud.


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