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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Knitter ADD

...sometimes we knitters call that "Startitis." It's when you just jump from starting one project to another to another. Like I'm doing this week.

Frustrated with the missing skein of yarn. Frustrated with Provisional Cast On. Frustrated with working on those teeny tiny needles. Frustrated in general. I just want to knit. That's all.

This is some yarn I've had for a while. It's Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist. It's a really pretty yarn. I used to have a bunch of different colors of it. It's bulky weight, variegated, with a single-color silky wrap around the strand. I think this yarn is actually discontinued, which is a shame. I kind of wish I had more. It's great for scarves.

Anyway, I cast on for another cowl. Because I am all about cowls these days. As cold as it's been, cowls have been very, very good to me by keeping my neck warm. Much warmer than a scarf, because a cowl doesn't come undone.

This is off to a good start. As you can see, Gabgab likes it just fine.


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