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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amazing Technicolor Scrapgan!

Since I was thinking about the Magic Ball, I just got it out and started holding it and looking at it. It's really cool, with all these yarns I'd forgotten about using.

I decided to start the scrapgan now. (This also serves the dual purpose of giving me something to knit when I can't knit Christmas presents because the person is right there. Not that I have begun knitting gifts...)

I had planned to tie all this together with black yarn. I'd even bought a bunch of these skeins of black yarn at Michael's in an after-Christmas sale. I got them for like 88 cents each. Whoo-hoo! Deals!

The only thing is, the yarn is not black. It's navy blue. Three cheers for wearing your glasses, Patwoman. (Not.) I'm still using the navy yarn. I think this this will be so hideous or so pretty that black or blue will not matter. The important thing is that they are all navy. Because when you don't wear your glasses, apparently that can happen, too.

So, I cast on a crapload (150) stitches onto this #17 circular, using one strand of navy and one strand of Magic Ball. So far, it's been very interesting looking. I kind of like it.

I'll be working on this off and on throughout the next few months, I'm sure. Stay tuned.


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