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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dreaming In Color

I always dream in color. Always have. And not just color... brilliant color.

But lately I've been having dreams about color. Like the other night I dreamed I was in a mall, strolling through various shops. All the shops were color-coordinated--one shop contained teal blue dresses, blue and silver jewelry, blue dishes, blue shoes, perfume in blue bottles; one contained all of that in red; one had saphire colored items; one had orange things... etc. In the dream, I was just walking through, enjoying all the colored items, not choosing one over the other.

Last night, I dreamed of blue rooms--the floors textured to look like the sea, complete with whitecaps, the walls and ceiling were a bright ocean blue. All the rooms in this particular building were the same way, and I marvelled at how fantastic they all were.

I don't know what significance, if any, all of these colors play in the dream world, but color was a significant ingredient in my dreams. That is, it's not that there is color in the dreams, it's that the dreams are about color. Which is kind of weird.

So, I consulted my friend, Professor Google, to find out what I could. Then I ended up on an internet safari of information. Here are some things I found that were interesing.

First, it's apparently uncommon to dream in color. Like I said, I always have. But it's apparently very uncommon to dream in color after young adulthood. Like, especially after 30, the colors in your dreams start to fade like a Polaroid picture. And, by the time you hit 60, your dreams are pretty much black and white. Now, I'm somewhere between those two age groups, but I have very colorful dreams.

But wait... apparently among people who dream in color, most of them don't actually dream in color. They merely remember the dreams in color.

I don't know how the researchers who came up with this theory know that, but I find that interesting. You know, could it be that my dream was a bland, black and white mind teleplay? And maybe I thought, "Oh look at the blue floor!" and then I just remembered the floor as being blue, even if it wasn't?

I'm having a hard time believing that. Not because I don't think my brain is clever enough to trick itself in my sleep. But because I think, if it were inclined to trick itself, it would probably do something more spectacular like make me think I was covered in spiders or something.

I know my brain.


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