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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ongoing UFOs

I don't know if you do this or not, but I have a sort of heirarchy of scraps that I knit with. It goes like this:

Half to One Skein: Good for small projects like hats and Christmas decorations. One skein of worsted is a scarf, a pair of mitt, something like that. Less than one skein can be combined with another one to make a striped hat, scarf, mitts, etc. Or, like I am doing now, an afghan square or two.

Less than half a skein: Good to make small things like Christmas decorations or small toys. Good for stripes. Good for jewelry, skinny scarves, and various other small things.

Less than that: I have been making these squares for several years now, just from the small leftovers of my other knititng. I'm not on any sort of deadline with it. Just making it as a long-term project.

Too little to do that: I tie the strands together, end to end, no matter the texture or weight (but I do only use acryllic so there is no weird felting or shrinking) to make my Magic Ball. My plan is to knit it with a neutral color to make one big scrapghan.

And last, but not least, here is my Snip Jar. It's where I put all the pieces I snip off after I've weaved in as much of the end as I'm going to. I had originally planned to use these snips for stuffing in toys or to mold together into a yarn bowl. But, I kind of like the way this looks in this jar. I just keep stuffing more and more in and I like it more and more.


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