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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Is Everything Really Better With Bacon?

I saw this in the clearance section at Kroger one day and had to take a picture of it. It's a mold to make cups out of bacon. Apparently, you wrap the bacon around the mold and then bake or microwave it until it's crisp. Then you can fill it with whatever you want.

So, when I first saw this, I thought "Yes!" I was imagining a chicken/bacon/ranch salad, where the bacon was the bowl. Then I thought about potato soup in a bacon bowl. Then, I thought about mac and cheese in a bacon bowl.

I stood there, in the clearance section at Kroger, turning this thing over and over in my hands as my mind was flooded with possibilities. Like mashed potatoes in a bacon bowl topped with cheese. Bean soup with cornbread in a bacon bowl. Chicken salad in a bacon bowl lined with lettuce and topped with tomato. Biscuits and gravy in a bacon bowl. Chocolate ice cream in a bacon bowl.

I had to stop. I was packing on the pounds just thinking about it! This little invention is one of those things that are so much fun to use, you find yourself using it all the time, just because it's fun. I mean, I can think of a way to use a bacon bowl at every meal. That's the problem. I very well might use it at every meal.

And then what will I say to the cardiologist, when they wheel me in to the ER after my massive coronary? (That's, you know, after the firemen cut a hole in the wall of my house so they can forklift me out.)

I briefly considered purchasing this along with some turkey bacon. That would be a healthy choice, right?


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