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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lace Tablecloth Update

I thought I should post a photo of the lace tablecloth so you could see how it's progressing... Slowly. Ha!

Actually, this photo does represent a lot of knitting from the last time. As you can see, I've switched from one circular to two because the nightmare-inducing number of stitches in the rounds now. Seriously, there are so many stitches that I can get maybe four rounds completed in a night.

I'm thinking: "Happy belated wedding present! I made you a doily!" Haha!

Still, I'm very happy with the way this looks. No way am I taking it off the needles just to get a picture of it laying flat, though. You'll just have to use your imagination. You can kind of see the lace pattern I just finished here.

How do you like my point protectors, by the way? They are earplugs from the dollar store. I don't have any point protector small enough for these needles. (And I don't have four of them anyway.) But I got these foam earplugs for a $1, with 12 in the package!

Boom! Saving that money.


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