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Friday, August 09, 2013

My House Is Out Of Control

I used to watch those Life After People shows and just be so skeptical. How could things fall apart so quickly? You would think that there would be some period of time where everything was just going along, before it started to decay, right?

Lately we have been working so much that we've done almost nothing in the yard. Like, if we didn't pay someone to come and cut the grass our house would look like we were on vacation. (Ha. But anyone who knows anything about us knows that we don't know the meaning of that word.) I haven't weeded the garden. I haven't trimmed down the bushes. I haven't even deadheaded the roses.

By I, of course, I mean T.

Anyway, I understand now how the entire world would just be overrun by plant life inside of a week if all the people on the planet disappeared. Good work, Discovery Channel. You were right on the money.


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