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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Christmas Knitting? Already?

Yes, well the plan is to get all the Christmas Knitting done before Christmas this year. Of course, that's always the plan. It just never seems to work out. Unless, of course, you just pare down your list so that you can say you completed it, even though you haven't--you've just made a consscious decision to fail and pretend you didn't. Kind of like how Kirk cheated at the Kobiyashi Maru.

Or as I like to call it... Patwomaning.

Anyway, I've been insanely busy the last part of last year and so far this year. I'm thinking the last half of this year is going to be even busier. So I'd better get crackin'!

I've put together a list of things I would like to knit and that I think I can manage before my deadline. (We'll see about that.) And the first item is a Fourth Doctor Scarf for R.

Now remember, I've made one of these before. Back when I had been a knitter for a very short time, a friend of mine asked if I could knit it. He bought the yarn and I thought "How much work could it be? It's just like all the other scarves I've done, only longer and with more colors."

Sigh. Don't you just love it when you don't know what you're talking about?

But that was about 28 years ago. I'm faster, better, and more patient of a knitter than I was back then. I think this will be no problem. I've even already bought all the yarn. (Although, neither Joann's nor Michael's had all the colors I needed and I ended up getting some at each store.)

I'm using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice since this scarf is most likely to be used for cosplay during the summer months. And, because it is long... it will need to be washed.


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