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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kitchen Rug FO

Here is the kitchen rug I was knitting in honor of Earth Day. Turned out pretty nicely, I think. I knit a moss stitch pattern over blue, grey, and white stripes on big needles.

The fabric is tarn (t-shirt yarn) made from old t-shirts that I did not want T to ever wear in public again. It took a while to knit, but it shouldn't have. My roadblocks were:

1) My hands have gotten a little puny from not knitting very much. I am just working back up to my peak again. Also, this tarn tends to be heavier than regular wool or acrylic yarn and large needles tend to tire your hands quickly.

2) I ran out of shirts and had to raid T's closet for more. (Which led to a "Please ask me before you cut my shirts up" and "If I ask you, you'll say no." conversation.) But we came to a compromise where he picked out the shirts I should use--which were the shirts I was going to cut anyway. I have also cut some of mine, in case you were wondering, but they are not used in this project.

3) I have a million other things on the needles now, so I just haven't been knitting this very much.

If all things were jake with this project, I would say it could be done in a night or two.

The cotton tarn and the moss stitch pattern gives this rug a nice, springy feel that I'm thinking will cushion my feet nicely. But I haven't tested it out for any long period of time. I need to wait until I am in the house alone.

That way, there will be no misunderstandings. (Hey Patwoman! Are you washing dishes?)


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