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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shopping Trip: Nothing To Show For It

M and I popped down to Goodwill today. She is always on the lookout for designer purses (Seriously, if you want a really awesome purse for $3, go to Goodwill with M. She has some kind of radar that helps her navigate directly to the designer bag, no matter how well it is hidden.) and I am always on the lookout for 100% wool sweaters to felt or to unravel and dye.

Yes, I will unravel and dye the sweaters I've bought. Eventually.

I also thought I might look at the 99ยข rack for some interesting colored t-shirts that I could turn into tarn for future knitting. But, alas, that was a no.

I did see a couple dozen balls of crochet thread and some half-empty skeins of very old yarn. But I didn't get any of that. It was kind of depressing. I haven't bought anything from Goodwill in several weeks.


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